If you are looking for all natural

healing ointment or tea,

I am thrilled to tell you about

Riiglluk Salve!

Made in Alaska by Yaari.

This blend is wonderful for all types of pain.

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Alaska Retreats

Do you need your own personal getaway ?

Would you like to go on a private/anonymous personal retreat ?

A retreat that will focus on what your own

mind, body and soul needs to bring about balance ?

Do you need to increase self awareness, motivation or healing ?

Are you a healer, feeling depleted and searching for a solution ?

Would you like to escape to the serenity and beauty

of Alaska and experience this personal adventure ? 

Well...now you can !

"Escape with me...to a land of awe and wonder."

Jackie offers personal and custom retreats in Girdwood, Alaska.

She teaches you how to utilize the trees, mountains, water and

glaciers in order to connect, reprogram and renew.

The Retreat topics include: 

Yin Yang Yoga Bliss / Meditation and Relaxation / Awaken w/vibraton

Each one is unique to the needs of the student and is therefore customized to bring about the greatest experience ! 

You can book a Retreat that can last between 3 and 5 days.

3 Day Retreats start at $1,670 and 5 Day Retreats start at $2,670

Retreat includes:

Private Yoga, Meditation, Healing Sessions, Mentor Discussions

Private Lodging in Girdwood, AK

3 Healthy Meals daily

(organic/gluten free/dairy-free options available)

Transportation to and from the Anchorage Airport.

Each Retreat offers optional Adventure Tours (fees may apply)

that can be added to your schedule

in order to experience more of what Alaska has to offer.

Lets break it down to see what the Retreats offer !

Yin Yang Yoga Bliss offers daily combos of:

Morning Meditation/Breakfast/Yoga/Lunch/Adventure or Discussion/Dinner/Yoga or Healing and Nidra Bliss

Meditation and Relaxation offers daily combos of:

Morning Meditation/Breakfast/Yoga/Lunch/Relaxation Space or Discussion/Dinner/Healing and Evening Nidra Bliss

Awaken w/vibration offers daily combos of:

Morning Meditation/Breakfast/Yoga/Lunch/Discussion with Adventure/Dinner/Evening Yoga, Healing and Nidra Bliss

Adventure Options Available

Included Adventures will be listed in the original Retreat Quote

Extra Options will be separate from the original Retreat Quote.

Some Options are Available based on the appropriate season.

Please ask Jackie what your options are based on time of Retreat.

Included Adventure Options

Hiking through the Rainforest 

Snow shoe through Moose Meadows (Winter only)

Tram Ride to top of Alyeska

Glacier Site Seeing (Summer Only)

Hiking Portage Lake (Winter Only)

Extra Adventure Options to Book (extra fees apply)

Helicopter Rides 

Dog Sled Tours

Biking on Mt. Alyeska (Summer Only)

Skiing on Mt. Alyeska (Winter Only)

Snowmobiling (Winter Only)

Cross Country Skiing (Winter Only)

Glacier Boat Tours (Summer Only)

Glacier Hiking Tours (Winter Only)

Glacier Kayak Tours (Summer Only)

Anchorage Musuem

Wildlife Conservation Center

Alaska Railroad Train Ride

"Alaska is a place of Healing...

I provide a Retreat filled with the right balance of

peace, rest, fun, learning and bliss !

So, get ready to restore your mind, body and soul."

Call Jackie today to get a quote for your own Alaska Retreat !


Alaska 2017

What is Energy Healing?

It is when the vibration of energy is heightened and healing takes place.

The combination of intention or prayer with this vibration can impact the body greatly.

Energy is in everything and everyone.

The body knows how to heal itself. 

So, when the vibrations of the energy inside and around the body are increased,

the body releases negative energy and healing is a result. 

Energy Healing

                      &    Alaska Retreats

How does Jackie create this opportunity?

​Jackie has a gift to increase this vibration. 

She can talk, imagine, stand near you or place her hands over you 

and connect to your energy field.

If you are receptive to this new vibration, then it begins to relax you as it flows.

Healing can affect your mental, emotional and physical body.

Please know that the body typically works at healing the source.

This is highly beneficial because it's not treating symptoms, 

it is healing at the root of your problem.

Jackie can do a session at your home, office or even over the phone.

How to prepare for the session?

Every session can be a different experience for everyone.
It is best to just let go of expectations and allow your body to relax .
Trust in yourself and your ability to heal within.
Your body will do the rest.

What happens in a session?

You typically lie on a massage table. You are fully clothed for the session.
I would place my hands in different positions over your head, shoulders, stomach and feet. Based on your needs, other locations maybe needed as well. The session usually lasts between 30 and 60 mins.
You will typically sense relaxation first. This is important and allows healing energy to be processed within the cells of your body. At the end of a session, you can usually expect to feel refreshed and peaceful. 


Where does the energy come from?

This is a really good question...
Energy is everywhere and it can be manipulated with frequency and vibrations.

"I love to work with something so natural, yet powerful and beneficial".
There are several different techniques that all involve the movement of energy.
Jackie combines techniques that are appropriate for the clients needs.

One of the most common is called:

Reiki (pronounced "ray-key")
is a Japanese technique created in 1922 for stress release and relaxation. 
word Reiki is made of two Japanese words - Rei which means
"God's (Higher power) wisdom" and Ki which is "life force energy."
So Reiki is actually "spiritually guided life force energy."
Since this energy is guided by spiritual wisdom and loving intention,
it is safe for all those giving and receiving it.
It is not considered a treatment, but it does have the potential that anyone
can benefit from its' gentle, healing effects.