My awesome freinds coming together to help create these amazing Products and Events are:

David Gilden (Composer/Mixer)

Matt Williams (Graphics Designer)

Alicia C. (Editor and Inspiration)

Lauren Wallach (500RYT Yoga  instructor)

Yaari (Natural Healer and medicine)

Paul Panek (Photographer)

Paul Smith (Composer and Background effects)

Thanks also to our Sponsors and partners in Funding for these Audio Tracks.

​If you would like to become a sponsor, please contact

Valentia Island, Ireland 2018

"My goal is to be a guide and mentor
for my students as they travel on their personal journey.

This includes creating a safe
and protected space that is fun and positive. 

I am dedicated to listening, observing and encouraging
you as you go deeper into your journey. 

I will teach you about the mind ,body ,emotions and spirit.
Guiding you toward a life of peace and balance." ~Jackie


Would you like to know more about us?

Well, let's start with our name. Yoga means "Union". Therefore, Loveuryoga means... "to - Love Your Union."

What is your union? Mind/Body/Soul         Bringing  balance betw these 3 is a common quest for all of us.

So, Loveuryoga was designed by Jackie to be a place where one can learn how to do this and in turn... heal.

We offer Group or Private Yoga and Meditation as a link to help bring forth the balance you seek.  

Jackie also loves to bring in talents from all over to help create this opportunity for you. 

So, she establishedN2urbliss... a cornucopia of Bliss for you !

Guided Audios / Energy Healing / Ionic Foot Baths / Personal & Space Clearings / Oracle Cards / Events 

The folks that donate time and Talent are David Gilden, Matt Williams, Alicia C., Lauren Wallach, Paul Panek and Paul Smith.

We hope you enjoy what we offer and love to hear your feedback!


​Jackie Lea

Owner of loveuryoga 

Published Author

Meditation Guide 

spiritual mentor

E-ryt500 Yoga Instructor

Healer / Reiki Master 



Testimonials & Reviews

"Jackie, I enjoyed your Yin Event in Texas. I have to say that there was such a sense of peace and calm when I slept that night.

Your voice is a blessing and I wish you all the best." ~Nivedita S.

"You are a blessing and a gift from God."  ~Teri P.

​"You have had a profound impact on my life and my well being! Thank you for teaching me how to be peaceful and centered in my daily life. "​ ~Deb H.

​"Jackie Lea with the assistance of Lauren brought beautiful healing energy to Temple Road Yoga this afternoon.

Thank you so much for your loving and thoughtful creation of the Yin Bliss event. I know I speak for everyone when I say...Please come back to see us soon!" ~Angel C. (Owner of Temple Road Yoga)

​"My son was away at band camp and was having trouble falling asleep.

He went to your site and listened to your voice and calm music on the Bodyscan Track.

When it was over he took out his headphones and fell immediately to sleep...thank you!" ~Melanie H.

Would you like to learn more about Yoga ?

Jackie is posting videos on YouTube called "Yoga Posture Labs 101" 
they explain in detail:
- How to get in and out of each Posture
-What muscles are being utilized and the goal
-How to modify and make adjustments
- (for teachers) How to apply hands on adjustments and personal pampering

Each Posture has its' own video. 
Teachers looking to broaden their awareness of the poses

and learn how to connect with the student on a deeper level are encouraged to watch.
Students can learn what goals are for each pose and how to apply modifications

and adjustments that will take their practice on a whole new level of awareness.

Dive deeper into your practice by opening up to the spiritual journey that can lead you to healing and happiness

Click here to view videos