Alaska Dreamscape Track

      ​​​​Escape with Me...




What's NEW?

 JAckie is thrilled to introduce the

"Destination Dreamscape" Project !

In these Guided meditations, the journeys take place in different destinations around the world. Escape to places you remember or dream about going.

Alaska is the first of these blissful tracks and you will love it!

Let her soothing voice help your mind relax as your body sleeps and heals.

Perfect for clearing chakras, lowering blood pressure, balancing emotions, reliving stress and more.

now available on iTunes for $9.99

This track is a 27 minute guided relaxation for sleep. 

Enjoy a guided  journey through the back country of Alaska.

Escape with native animals and soothing background sounds by David Gilden

Click here to download

The next Destinations will be from Rome and Greece...watch for them coming in 2018.


​​"God, please...Heal my heart, heal my mind, take your voice and make it mine. All I have, all I do, with one breath, I give to you"...Jackie Lea